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Blogs that have been

How quickly credit grows in a blogbank. This image of an ancient manuscript speaks to me through its circularity and its density. Blog histories seem a bit like this manuscript. The beginning seems to become the end, and following the links around can lead us right back to where we started. Fun? Frustrating? I guess it depends on our mood. I sometimes find it a surprise to trip across one of my post from the olden days, so if you're new here, you might like these quick links to some of my olden days posts.

These are the ones that have been visited most often. You might understand why. I'm not sure I always have understood. However. Here they are:
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Worry, Concern and Compassion
Creative Writing: Write on Wednesday
Blogging: All I know About It
Write On Wednesday
Domestic Violence: Fearful Friday

The posts that have been my favourite posts:
 Honoured Friend
Out of the Mouths
The Heroic

The ones that I think capture most about who I am:
Funny Chuckles
Last Minute Nellie

The rare posts where I have entered the concrete, physical world and have thought I had something useful to say:
Nasty Nits and The Treatment
Cleaning Epiphany
Friendship Bread
The Tonic

How was that for you? Did your flick through my annals take you somewhere? Or bring you right back to where you started?

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