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Monday, September 9, 2013


Crowing. Loud and good humoured, full-bellied crowing.

Yet not from a crow.

From a twinkling eyed, softly wrinkled man in a supermarket carpark. Hardly what I was expecting on a rather ordinary Monday morning, in an more ordinary than ordinary corner of ubiquitous suburbia.

Yet there he was.


And not even shyly.

As I looked up and around, my interest piqued by this nearly, but not quite, crow call, my eyes found those of Birdcaller. And we continued to hold each other's look for enough time to share a few sentences:

"It's true! I'm out here crowing loudly at a crow. And it's possibly a bit silly. It's probably even pretty silly. But I'm doing it, and I'm really having a good time!

"It's true! I caught you! I can see you out here crowing loudly at a crow. And yes it might be a bit silly. It probably is rather silly. But I can see you're having a great time, and I think you're fabulous!"

After exchanging those unspoken sentences, Birdcaller carried on crowing, and I carried on towards the supermarket.

But all day I've held a twinkle and a sparkle in my heart. For Birdcaller. And for his confident, possibly even audacious, commitment to do just exactly what was right for him. Without any undue concern for anyone else.

Do you crow? Maybe not with an actual crow like Birdcaller, but do you follow your bliss with confidence and enthusiasm?

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