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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Age of Innocence

Thank you, BIG, for a lovely treat today. Last week, Jo and Lilly ran a giveaway....and I WON SOME TICKETS!

Movie going, actually at the movies, isn't something we've done much of. Actually, Five has been to one, Seven about two and Ten about four. It's all just a bit too pricey, the experience often threatens to be too crass, and the thought of attending a theatre crammed with rustling, chattery other littlies all just combine to seem too, too much like torture.

However, freebies do sweeten the deal, and a Christmas movie on the weekend we planned to 'get Christmas out' seemed just too appropriate. A grey and soggy day sealed it. To the movies!

Delightfully, every aversion I have to going out to the movies was countered with a pleasant antidote. Two complimentaries addressed the pricey factor, and since we only shared the theatre with a grandma and her two, and a mum, and her two or three, a relatively empty theatre addressed the chattery factor. Just leaving the crass factor.

Well. There simply wasn't any of that in this sweet film. What a gentle and innocent, truly sweet story this film tells. Ten, Seven and Five were engrossed throughout, as were Husband and I. Santa's Apprentice tells the story of the current Santa reaching the end of his 174? year stint, and his need to find a replacement. Unwillingly and reluctantly, he bows to the pressure of all the previous Santas who gather and implement the spinning of the globe to locate someone who will meet three criteria: an orphan, named Nicholas, who has a pure heart. And it's not much more complicated than that. An Australian Nicholas is located, allowing for some summer scenes and Aussie accents, and the apprenticeship begins.

My greatest take-away from this charming film is that efforts to preserve innocence for our children are truly worth all the effort and pain they can sometimes bring. Ten is surrounded by peers who talk of M rated movies ALL the time. Despite confessing to nightmares, and finding comfort through sleeping on the floor of their parents' bedroom, these oh so young people continue to batter at the door of the adult world, quite desperately trying to enter in and taste all they can of the expansive array of apparently desirables they believe fill the adult world.

And yet they are still Ten. And, after seeing ours at this movie, they may still quite pleased really to wear a Santa's hat at the movies, if there happens to be a free one given at the door, as there happened to be this time. And they may be quite content really to attend simple and innocent movies like Santa's Apprentice, if we can be brave enough to keep them in an age-appropriate world.

Be brave, fellow parents!

Do you find your older young ones are chafing to transition to an older world?

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  1. Lorraine,

    Wonderful topic, and I couldn't agree with you more. We have two sets of boys living under our roof- two teenagers and two kiddos under the age of eleven. The younger ones like to argue that they should be able to watch the same movies their older brothers watch- which on occasion include rated R movies . The answer is always "no" because just like your little ones, they will experience nightmares if they do. They watched The Sixth Sense years ago and my ten year old, every now and again, still gets scared from the memories.

    So glad you had a wonderful time out with your lovely family. Looks like a very cute movie we'll have to check out.

  2. By the way... we just finished watching Australia last night and I thought of you. Didn't care for the movie too much, but I did enjoy the cinematography. You live in such a beautiful country. And the thought of Christmas coming in the summertime just boggles my mind.


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