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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Peace and quiet.

You are my muse. In the still and peace, my own quiet voice stirs again.

Peace and quiet, peppered with a good dollop of melancholy. I find I can write everyday if I am obeying some driving motivation that I have either implemented for myself, or that comes from 'obeying' some good idea that I'm following. But if I truly wait until the good ore bubbles its way up inside and hotly pours out over onto the page, then it's peace and quiet, and a good dollop of melancholy that are the necessary ingredients.

Up, and happy, and bubbly I enjoy. And that's where life has taken me recently. Extended family, busy children, and lots of lovely reasons to celebrate. But for writing, reflection and insight, I need the still and quiet. And the melancholy. I'm pretty good on the melancholy. Strong feelings that sweep me away, or some hormonally generated introverted thinking that draws me into myself like a warm, soothing deep bath.

Now is a melancholic season. And now, my voice stirs again. Stirs of its own accord. Beats to its own drum and wants to bubble out onto the page.

So, phoenix-like, here I am again.

What is your muse? Is it a single ingredient muse? Or a particular set of conditions?

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  1. Yes, there's a difference here, in the voice, your voice, it sounds serious so I wait.

  2. Oh Lorraine, how I've missed you. So good to see you writing again. I know what you mean - peace and quiet and melancholy are the ingredients to my writing too. So soothing. xxx

  3. Rachael: Serious. I like that you heard that in me.

  4. Deborah:You're a darling to have noticed I was down for a while. The trip down took me into the melancholy, and my voice stirred again, but the down didn't ground there. I went through grounded to some subterranean place. Maybe I'm heading back up again? I am feeling a bit brighter. My mood and energy have been over the place.


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