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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smiling Face and a Victory Wave.

That's me up there....not only grinning, but arms raised in a victory wave.

And though some would say self-praise is no praise, I say, praise away girl!

I'm feeling so pleased with my cunning manoeuvres this morning that I just HAVE to brag.

After being inspired by liverenewed's posting on how to make chicken stock, I've bursting with chicken stock energy. For me, it was her slow cooker component that made all the difference. I've tried making stock a few times before, but I was never comfortable leaving it to simmer for more than a few hours in the afternoon.

Now with the slow cooker to my rescue, I bung all the juices from the roasting bag straight into the pot, and then carve the chooky from the slow cooker. Too easy, too resourceful, and soooo much cleaner and easier than covering myself and the kitchen in gloopy, gumpy, chooky fat while trying to get that chook out of the bag. Then, bung in 2T vinegar to leach more goodness out of the carcass, another point of difference that has made all the difference, and leave safely simmering for 24 hours.

After switching the slow-cooker off late yesterday, I shoved the pot straight into the fridge so the fat would congeal and could be easily lifted off.

This morning, as I was dealing with the chilled pot, I was all set to chuck the fat, when a little bell dinged for me. I recalled reading of using the fat to make roasty taties. So, I easily lifted the fat off the lovely stock and saved it for another day.

Just as I was just about to pour the stock into a bowl to freeze, more bells dinged for me. I'd been planning to clean the pot all up and then use the slow-cooker for the beef curry for tonight. Ding ding....I need lots of loud bells to get anything done in the morning. DING DING! Finally I stopped my robotic dance in the kitchen enough to think, Hang on. Just bung the meat into the stock.

And so! Chooky dealt with. Environment and resources dealt with in a way I can respect. Dinner dealt to. No clean up. And all before 9am.

And at that point I started praising myself, and raising those arms of mine in a victory wave.

And I was filled with lots of gratitude for all you other Sister Mums and Chefs out there who so generously share ideas and tips.

What's your newest, or most favoured, easy peasy shortcut trick? I'd love to add yours to mine!

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  1. I'm intrigued by the idea of adding vinegar to the stock. Do you notice a difference in taste?

  2. Curious, isn't it? I was reminded of one of those Science in the Kitchen experiments when a chicken bone is submerged in vinegar and is turned into a flubbery twistie tie. I haven't noticed any difference in taste. The stock looks visibly more substantial than my previous afternoon on the stove top variety, but length of cooking time is now radically different too. If you experiment, I'd love to know how it goes for you xxx.

  3. Woo Hoo, Girl! Way to go!

    I have a recipe that calls for vinegar in it's stock, too. Sally Fallon wrote a fabulous cookbook called, Nourishing Traditions that is chalk full of those rich, homey, good-for-you recipes that sooth the body and soul!

  4. Beth: What a great title for the book. Maybe you could post some of your favs? I've tried to google some of her recipes, but haven't found any yet.

  5. Check out this blogger's site: She is doing her whole blog around the Nourishing Tradition cookbook and she posts recipes you can try out.
    As for me, I have followed her recipe on how to make a simple meat stock. It turned out very well. Her book is also chock full of education about quality food and how diet affects our health.

    Good stuff!

  6. Hi! Loved your title from the Blogtoberfest list and had to visit! Just read your Ta-dah page and must say I'm with you in the rainbow! xx

  7. Beth: I'm loving your tip about the TNC site, and loving her. Cheers!

  8. Larissa: I'm glad you found me, and glad you're with me in the rainbow. I felt I knew you from somewhere!


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