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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nasty Nits and The Treatment


Ugh ughu ugho.

They are one of those instant stomach churners for me. Cockroaches and nits. Yuck.

And yet they do enter into our lives....and we do want them out!

I recall my first encounter with nits. Ten was about Three. We were having a Family Bath together when I noticed a little scar on her head.

"Poor darling! You've knocked your head!"

Giving it a bit of a rub, the scar moved under my finger. Levitating vertically from the bath, over the edge, my fight and flee instincts combined to super-charge me into action. In the car and down to the Pharmacy. I needed a cure....QUICK!

And I got one. Two pressurized spray cans of some truly uggy toxic stuff that came with all manner of Do Nots. Full of sick regret, I dosed my lovely with some very definitely unlovely goo. I also said Hoorah and Haere Ra to the nits, and sure enough they were dispatched to the boundaries. That at least was good.

Fortunately, years went by till our next encounter. Last year Ten had another experience. However, I just COULD NOT use the chemical remedy, and so I spent a long time in CyberLand searching for natural remedies.

I took the guts out of what I found, and came up with a bit of a concoction which worked a treat. Last night we thought Seven's itchy scalp warranted The Treatment. Just in case. While we were at it, I wondered how she'd be if I snapped a few shots. Fine. So here we go:

  • Cheap as chips conditioner that I'd never normally use, with a good strong alcohol content, is the base. Alcohol seemed to be a common theme in home remedies, but using mouth wash or Vodka just didn't fit with me.

  • Add 10 drops each of lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils:

  • Lather a large quantity around:

  • Then wrap with glad wrap and leave it for a good length of time. We lasted for half an hour or so last night, but when we've been sure there are nits we've drawn it out for around an hour. 

While we were waiting for the time to tick by, we lost ourselves in more of our latest Op Shop find:

(As a by the way, this is a beautifully crafted version. Anna Fienberg wrote it before she got all Tashi. It's not a new edition, but do grab one for yourselves if you see it around. It's wistful and whimsical.)

After rinsing....nothing. No bodies. Phew! In the past, we've had an uggy, but gratifyingly large, body count. We then wash with Head and Shoulders shampoo, since apparently 'they' don't like zinc. When we did have nits, we used The Treatment twice, and that seemed to clear it all up. Oh, and we always dry with the hair straightener, which must squash, cook and destroy the nasties. Good!

Out of all that, it's probable that just a few elements are the effective ones. However, I haven't found a need to refine the brew since it's easy peasy to throw it all together.

Nothing about it feels like a toxic extermination, and actually feels like a bit of a spa treatment session. With lots and lots of loving Mummy interaction.

All much easier and more pleasant than toxic formulas.

I'd just love for someone's 'mare' to be made easier by The Treatment. Do you have nit stories? Or remedies? Or other Wonder Recipes that ease family life? I don't have a linky, but you could include links in your comments.

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  1. I'm going to remember this if (more like WHEN) my kids get nits. Trying to live a chemical-free life.. it's difficult sometimes though!

  2. Deborah: so glad someone has found this useful. Knowing I have an easy, reliable cure has defused all my anxiety about them. I didn't mention the preventative measure: spray with water, tea tree and lavender oils daily, and wash only weekly.


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