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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Spring energy has found its way to me.

My little part of Blogdom is having a little tidy-up. Inspired by Simoney over at Greatfun4kids and her tips on how to create pages, I've started creating some! Here was I thinking IT husband would need to intervene, yet I've found it's been just as straightforward as regular posts. Not saying they're in great shape just yet, but one is up and I'm working on more. Fun!

Have a little look at my first page. Or is it a tab? Here it is anyway.

And now tired little me is off to beddies byes!


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  1. Hi Lorraine! I enjoyed reading your Ta Dah!It's Me page! So great to get to know you some more. What a life you have lived. And I love how you have written about yourself, and the chapters of your life, with reflection and wisdom. I'm a rainbow person too!... I think we need to have that cuppa together soon. ;)

  2. Hi there! Popping over from Blogtoberfest!

  3. Oh Lorraine,
    Thanks for the blogger tip... I'm still trying to figure my way to the editor, but I'm sure I'll get it.

    I love your tab! So nice to know you a bit better.

    Happy day, Lady!


  4. Robin: Glad you did pop over. Your pop meant I popped to you, and I'm sure glad I popped there. Lots of happy pops!

  5. Beth: So glad the tip helped. Simoney's tips are so beautifully presented, and so encouraging. Sharing such beautiful tips was a pleasure.


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