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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Isn't this classic me?

Chewing my finger, and waiting for life to arrive to me.

I'm an externally motivated person. Give me a goal that comes in from the Out Of Me World, and I'm hooked and landed. tinniegirl's meme for October captured my interest, write a post every day during October, and so I signed up. Now here I am, obediently writing a post today, though I've not long given up on daily posting. Hmmmm. Externally motivated.

This isn't news to me. It's been part of me since forever. Truly, I have thrived on what I've thought of as last minute energy. Through High school and University, there was nothing like the thrill of adrenalin at the end of the designated time to push me into digging deep and finding the good ore.

However, I'm not valuing it so highly these days.

If I haven't got the oompf to get on with something through my own energy, then I am left wondering just how much I truly want to do something. And if I don't truly want to do something, then... Well. You know where I'm going.

Which brings me back here.

Daily blogging for October. Do I respect myself or not for being spurred on by energy outside my own?


I'm still thinking through it.

I'll have about 30 more posts to work it out!


  1. I do the same thing: one minute I want to stop blogging, the next minute I want to post every day. Good luck with daily posting! Sounds like a challenge.

  2. On again off again! That's me for sure! Sometimes I like the inconsistencies, sometimes I don't. I guess that Life Without Mathematics!

  3. I know that I would fall apart (and not be a very good mother/wife/person) if I tried to write a post everyday. So don't be too hard on yourself. Motivation is one thing, but time/energy - well that often comprises the motivation in the first place.


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