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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Travellers Return

Our Holiday.
Bliss. Arguing and squabbling. But then bliss. And bliss, and more bliss.  
Play, and laughter and play. Swimming many times every day, in all manner of different water environments. The apartment pool, the hydroslides, the beach. The apartment pool. And laughter. Rippling, belly jiggling laughter. 
All so good. So good to find time to enjoy all of us, and to be reminded that we all are jolly good people who I really do feel blessed to be journeying with.
And then the return.
Within the hour of arriving back, Life had already swept us up and dragged us back into itself. Our time in the holiday eddy of life ended somewhat abruptly. Amidst a hastily assembled dinner to assuage tired travelling tums, I started tearing into the pile of accumulated mail. A rather beautiful pink envelope sang out to me, just needing to be opened. Thankfully I did, since it brought a rather hasty end to dinner. 
"If you are going to school tomorrow, it's Dress as a Book Character Day. Just thought you might like to know."
Bless the dear friend who took the time to let me know. And blow to the timing! 
So! Dinner was adjourned, and the dress up box thrown open. 
"How about Pocahontas?" "No! That was last year."
"A clown?. Alice in Wonderland? The Cat in the Hat?" My motherheart was starting to pound more and more. Luggage and unpacking, and dishes and a million things were still to be attended to, but this matter of fancy dress also needed careful attention. A speedy resolution was prayerfully in my mind. And this was just the first daughter! 
Finally, we all settled on Red Riding Hood for Seven, and Pippy Long Stocking for Nine. Phew!
And just like that, the holiday ended. Suddenly, more suddenly than I expected, we were sucked back into the swift rapids and frenzy of Life. The luxury of Holiday was over. No more aerial views of Life. No more wheeling with the birds way, way above the fluster of our lives, and looking down on it all with curiosity. No. Sucked back into the almost swimming, almost surviving swirl and whirl of Life.
Except my memory of that aerial view still lingers. And I do so want to find a way to linger in a slow moving, peaceful eddy out of the true, mindless rush of the whirl. 
Do you manage it? Do you find a way to minimize the suck and drag of the rush on your lives? What tips do you have for ensuring Holiday lingers on into Life?
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  1. Oh, I could feel your stress. I really hate coming back from vacation because of all the work that always needs to be done. The school pulled a mean trick on you for throwing such a little surprise. I might have panicked because we don't have a little dress up trunk ( which sounds like a good investment for those last minute moments).

    One day though, when your little girls are all grown up and life is all stress-free (right?)- you'll miss it. Then you'll get out your tea pot, make up a brew of green tea to settle down with, and then reminisce about all the fabulous holidays and stresses you enjoyed when your little ones were young.

    Lucky you!

  2. It sounds like you dealt with your work beautifully and what cute ideas for characters!

    Sometimes when I travel I send myself postcards so that once I've returned the postcard will be a reminder of what I just experienced. Another thing I do is look over photographs and try to frame one to see daily.

  3. Thanks for the supportive words, The Lady and Alexandria. Alexandria: Postcards sent to us. What fun! And timed just so they bring some holiday light and fun on about Day 3 of Life As Normal. Perfect! And, The Lady: that would have to be a day to make a brew and reminisce.

    I'm still trying to hold on to some of the clear insight that seems to come with a holiday. I'm still holding on to some of that ability to shake off routines and to hold fast to what is truly energising. A shrinking hold, but a hold nevertheless!


  4. Well. It all sounds so wonderful. Every last detail. We are big believers of downtime and plan that time like people plan vacations. See, in our experience, vacations are fun but they are often not downtime, not at all. I know that after a holiday spent away...I'm going to probably be exhausted and have a million things to do. That's not the case with downtime which, for us, does linger on in to daily life.

  5. Melissa: I love your priority on downtime. Family life can have such a relentless rhythm about it. Time aside from that rhythm is so important. I've been hearing your words in my inner ear since I first read your comment (and naughtily didn't respond). Downtime for me is something I really do need to make a more present reality. Thanks for entering my inner ear!

  6. SO glad your holiday was bliss. Ah, I hate that 'sucked back into the rush' feeling. I have no advice about how to make the bliss linger... but I like Melissa's words about downtime. Good advice.


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