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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten's vision

Ten, recently metamorphosed from Nine, delighted me the other Sunday. Husband was at his monthly golf game, and we four single women were puddling round the place, doing a lot of nothing in particular.

Around late morning, Ten bounced an idea past me.

"Can we ride our bikes to Tennis Court park?"

"And can I make us all lunch?"

Wonder Woman, Superman, Cat Woman....none of them would have agreed more speedily, or enthusiastically, than me. Or with more delight.

Not only had she wooed me with an idea from a source other than me, but she seasoned it with energy to make it all happen. I was as willing and acquiescent as the proverbial putty in her hands.

Purpose descended on her, and quietly she set about bringing all she had in mind to fruition. Just like young Squeak in today's picture, she thought of all possible adverse circumstances, and took measures to overcome them. Lunches....made. Picnic rug....packed. Drink bottles...filled...packed. Bikes and helmets....out and ready. 

And we were off!

Five and Seven were swept along with the vision of the afternoon, and peace arrived in copious quantities to keep all that purpose good company. On arrival, tennis was played, swings were swung, jiggers jigged, and on the picnic rug, lunch was consumed. Perfection was attained, in my opinion, and in glowing Ten's. 

Full of fulfilled purpose, we headed for home. Ten led the way, taking a steady path on her bike.

And then, if my heart hadn't already been close to bursting with pleasure, it absolutely did as I looked ahead and saw her. Bike flopped over to one side, she was fully stretched out across a nature strip (berm for New Zealanders) that was simply overrun by wild and delightful daisies. The invitation they were proclaiming had clearly received a positive RSVP from Ten. Daisy chains simply needed to be made. And she was the one to make them.

My heart is still full of the lovely picture she made there, stretched out, oblivious to all.

Once again her purpose compelled us all to join her, and all four of us lay down in the midst of the daisies. 

Do you find that purpose arrives when space and calm allow ideas to germinate? Do you love being carried along by someone else's purpose and vision? Or are you someone who creates vision and purpose?

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  1. Lorraine- 10 is a magical number! What a magical day.
    (by the way... what's a jigger?)

  2. I think I create the vision and purpose, but would benefit from drifting, now and then, in another's energy current.

  3. @ The Lady: jiggers aka see-saws, but the new-fangled type with a central spring. I don't know if anyone else calls them jiggers. I just can't bring myself to say see-saw when it doesn't seem like one. Or actually work like one. These new cotton-woolled playgrounds with soooo much bark under equipment almost render see-saw/ jiggers dysfunctional. Still. I'm glad the bark is beneath the monkey-bars. Ten and Seven go at the bars like competitors in the men's Olympic gym events.

  4. @ Rachel I like your image of drifting in and out of someone else's energy. I can feel you are a creator.

  5. I love this. Sounds like a glorious day. You've reminded me that I need to allow myself to be carried along by someone else's delightful purpose now and again.. I'm such a control freak that I'm sure I miss opportunities like bike rides and picnics and daisy chains. Magic!


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