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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Write on Wednesday

This week Gill from Inpenpaper has taken us in another slightly different direction. Character is this week's focus. When I first got to Gill's posting today, I sat and looked, and looked, and pondered, and pondered. Nothing. A big nothing. Meg, the darling of mornings, with the kitchen bench to bring fear to even the most staunch FlyLady, was in my first thoughts. But I just couldn't seem to find petrol to throw on my writing self to get the flame going. Actually, I thought I'd make this week a bye for me.

Then as I returned to Gill's encouragement this evening, when our babes are finally still and quiet, I found my petrol. At the end of her posting, Gill wonders, "what does YOUR character do when nobody's looking?" And whammo! An old country song popped into my mind, and I was started.

"Where do you go to my lovely, when you're alone in your head?"

Alone. Alone for a rare moment. Yet no true quiet and no true still. Meg's mind was a racing one. Charged with adrenalin, a certain nervous exhilaration, and a stronger, more present nagging discomfort, she just couldn't settle into the space of the luxurious peace and quiet.

"The boys are so totally, totally OK with Mum and Dad," she tried to soothe herself. "Totally OK. Like totally."

Weeks and weeks of longing for a bit of space, and now here it finally was. But by some cruel twist of attachment, now she just couldn't unwind and dial down.

And that old song. Why was it playing through her like a nagging, unkind taunt?

"Nowhere!" she wanted to scream and yell.


There seems to be nothing. Nothing left for me, and nothing in me.

PS I always struggle to format the ending of these postings so that it's easy to see where the piece ends, and my parting comments start. So I'm trying them as a postscript.

Off I go now, back to Gill's and then for some late night visits. Will any of you be up still, I wonder? And it's too late for coffee now, so I'll tuck my dandelion coffee bag in my back pocket in case one of you is still up and has the kettle on.


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  1. You started your piece with a brilliant question Lorraine. It makes me wonder too, where would I go when I am alone in my head? Hmmm?that really made me think..

    Nice work!=)



  2. I'm still up!
    Good on you for having a go! Maybe as you think more about Meg more ideas will tumble onto the page...

  3. I know the thought's that surround you, cause I can see inside your head. :)

    A brilliant starting point Lorraine!

    We all struggle with the things in our head (you know I do!)

    This was soooo hard and I think you have a great starting point for a character analysis here. I'm not even sure I fully understand what one is but for me it's as much or as little as you feel you want to show.

    I get a picture of her without having to know lots of detail, great job! x

  4. Reminds me of a friend who has had her little boy looked after by a childminder for the first time today. She seemed the same: 'but she's going to mess up my routine!' :)

  5. Great piece, brings me back to the first weekend I had without my kids when their Dad & I split up - I just didn't know what to do with myself...

  6. Oh, she is so sad! I hope she can find herself again. I hope you will continue to write about her.

  7. This takes me back to my trip to Melbourne last year - my first trip away from my kids!

    And that's what good writing does...takes you somewhere. LOved it.

  8. The paradox of parenthood - we long for some 'me' time & then we miss our children terribly!
    I enjoyed this very much Lorraine.

  9. You guys are gems! Thank you for your kind words.

    Mothering: one of the key understandings I have of it comes from an old 70s book my mother-in-law had. I read it while our first was very little, and I think it soothed me. It was entitled "The Mother Knot" and the story was part theory part, autobio. The author doted on her small children, did the 70s hippy style community, and tried, really tried to milk it for all it was worth. Yet she was always nagged by whispers of how life might be without the children. And then, when times of freedom arrived, she was filled with longing for her children, and regret. Et voila! The Mother Knot. I think it is a phenomenon that's an embedded part of mothering. We all 'get' it, and get it, eh?

    I'm so enjoying our community. See you round next time!

    PS I just knew someone would still be up! Thanks HoP!

  10. I am so pleased you are enjoying our community and that you persisted with this exercise. Because it ended up in a brilliant place...I really enjoyed it. Were you happy with it? The writing is relatable and thought provoking. Why IS that song taunting her? You could keep going with this. Sometimes it is scary to be given alone time to think, isn't it?

    I enjoyed reading about your writing process and how the quote in my post sparked this writing from you. I felt quite excited and inspired reading this post!


  11. Gill: You are lovely with your encouragement. I'm glad you liked it. Actually, I did enjoy it and I did feel pleased with the way it ended up. I'm quite new to writing, so I'm surprised each time that something comes out that seems to hang together.

    I love the organic nature of the writing process too, and how one idea or comment feeds and sparks another.

  12. I love that old song. What a great tribute to it in your story. Interesting to see this character Meg & all the funny little every day things that she deals with :D


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