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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Changes

I'm in love.

Deeply and passionately.

With a string of red wooden beads.

Oh and what heightens my delight ten-fold is that I only forked out un dollaro. Un! Long live Op Shopping! Buying delight, and no guilty aftershocks of financial distress. Perfect!

With the addition of my new beads, everything old has been made new again. A shot of red into anything just seems to bring the right amount of zing. Bright, good energy with a red just deep enough to feel right in winter, and the string is just the right length to sit sit comfortably just below my collar bones. Zingo!

Have you made a very simple, very small change to your life, or wardrobe lately? Something that has enlivened you and given you a shot of energy to make Winter just a little more fun?


  1. there's this op shop in chch where everything is $2, it's where I get all my clothes from, op shopping is awesome, though I do look forward to the day I can afford to buy real clothes :) My last purphase a purple gypsy skirt has started a purple revolution!

  2. Why buy 'real' clothes? $2 has to rock! There's so much more fun to be had with $2 purchases. I can see you doing a purple thing with style and funk. What I love is the way that a random purchase can lead on to a new look.

  3. It's amazing what a perfect accessory can do to a familiar wardrobe. I pinned a red flower pin to a structured grey suit, or wear my hair in a chignon and clipped on a silk floral barrette.

    Since Princess Beatrice's "Dr. Seuss" hat at Prince William and Katherine Middleton's wedding, I have been thinking of finding more outlandish accessories to shock my conservative colleagues at work.

  4. Oh, I forgot the most important reason for my visit.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Mila your newest follower.

  5. Mila: i love the power of small changes, especially if they only involve our financial small change!

    Another place we lived had a very rustic, dream-making type of garden. At the bottom of the garden (only a few metres away since it was quite a small garden) there was a bench. I would often marvel at how differently I would suddenly view the world from such a minimally altered point of view.

    Sitting at the bottom of the garden has become a private metaphor for me for just stepping slightly to one side when life gets a bit much. How refreshing it can be to make a small change.

    And I love your small changes. I can visualise your striking red flower softening that suit. I'm hoping for some wonderful accessorising shocks for your work colleagues. Sounds like a fun blog posting for you. With pics?

    Thanks for planning to hang with me for a while. I like being over at your place too.

  6. I like your red beads! Red is such a powerful colour. No wardrobe additions of note here, but I did get a haircut a few weeks ago that was shorter and snazzier than I have ever been prepared to go before - and whoo hoo! I feel like a million bucks! ;)

  7. I'm so glad you've had a shot of energy from your new haircut. You are giving out so much to your babes. It's important that energy goes in at some point. Do we get to see a snap of the glammy you? A blog posting maybe? :)


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