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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Primrose Path of Blogging Dalliance

I seem to be in a bit of a doldrum patch with this blogging.

There's been sickness in the tribe (Nine was off school all last week, and will start on a half day tomorrow), and somewhere along the primrose path of dalliance, I've dallied and seem to have been primrosed. There I am, languishing in a field of primroses.

I'm thinking maybe my honeymoon with blogging has come to an end.

I've been starry eyed with excitement, buoyed high with super-adrenalin and commitment, and now pfft! I think it's gone. I'm reconsidering commitment, and counting the cost. All a bit like coming home from a special honeymoon.

Visiting other blogs has, I'm going to confess it, brought on a burning case of blog envy.  I've seen too many thoughtful and compassionate postings, seen too many authors leave their commenting footprint in too many places, and understood too much about how busy they are on top of clearly being super-blogging babes.

I have thought I have it in me to do that. I've loved conjuring up postings. And I've so loved meeting other dear hearts in blogging world. I've loved planting comments too.

But phewee! I've had to stop and wonder whether working away at it for at least 2 solid hours each night is really what I'm wanting to do. I'm rethinking what is motivating me.

I have to confess I did start thinking I could cook up a bit of money. That particular daft notion has been dealt with by those statty datty stat thingies. Even more reality reminding are the (who in their right mind called it this) "monetise" figures.  And then, if it brand wooing ever did happen for me, I'm just really not sure I could win any brand hearts since I'm not really into reviewing products. Reality check there too.

So, the honeymoon does seem to have ended. What I'm left with is the great deal of pleasure that writing postings is generating for me. What I'm left with is a wonderful new community of gentle, soulful hearts that I'm discovering. What I'm left with is a new resolve that I'm going to be in charge of the blog. I'm not doing this for a job, in any sense of the concept. Pushing myself to run my blog in a driven, organised way is just not part of how I want to take my blog forward.

Righty then! New ground rules have been established. For me anyway. It may not be apparent in any obvious way to you, but what I'll be doing is asking myself whether I am feeling energised by what I'm doing, or feeling compelled to do it to appease my must-be-productive demons. Energised is fabbo! Driven is not for me.

So. Forward from here, I choose the primrose path of dalliance. I choose to languish along to way, and I choose to be pleasurably unproductive.

Where do you choose to position yourself in BlogWorld? Are you stepping along on High Street doing the job I do partly envy of doing it all? Or are you languishing with me in the primroses? What is motivating you? Where do you get your energy?

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  1. My blog is my writing practice, my workshop. I love the space and wish I had the discipline to be there daily, more often though I return and must blow the dust off the keyboard.

  2. Rachel: I've still been rolling ideas around about how I want to relate with my blog. I like your view that yours is a workshop. With four children, I marvel that you get to the keyboard at all and that it's only dust you have to brush off! XXX

  3. Excellent conclusion to come to! I too waver between commitment and pleasurably unproductive! And blog envy - oh yes, I suffer from that too. Sometimes to the point of paralysis. And yes, I've wondered about the hours it takes me to write.. mostly I multi-task with child on my lap, but really, it's quite draining... yet strangely energising too. You've made me think some more about it! :)

  4. Paralysis. I so get that, and get it. (You have been the source of some of mine!!! xxx)

    I'm finding it a challenge to find a way to be my own person in this different environment. In face to face life, I tend to have a small network that I engage with deeply, and I'm thinking some of my distress is that I'm still engaging with people on here deeply, but with too many, and so I can't always remember who was the precious heart who said something. I'm not enjoying feeling I'm losing something of people through crowding them out with too many others. So I'm looking at narrowing my focus. That's my today spin on it!


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