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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living Literature

I'm finding my way into The Book Thief. I'm loving the well-crafted text, but find I'm burdened with the weightiness of the era. Knowing more about the Holocaust really doesn't make it better. Anticipating what's ahead is heavy.

That aside, I tripped into a passage where the great significance of books for Liesel is explained a little more. It's not especially magical prose, but it found a home in my heart:
"All up, she owned fourteen books, but she saw her story as being made up predominantly of ten of them" ((p30).
I liked the link between texts and our lives, and the impact texts can have on shaping and creating us.

I found myself stopping to wonder about the texts that have constructed me. The texts that creep into my mind to reassure me. The texts that whisper to me when all around me is quiet. The texts that trumpet at me when life is pummeling me black and blue.

And I thought I'd share some of these creeping, whispering and trumpeting texts with you. At first I thought I'd do an all-in-one posting, then as I chewed the idea over through the day, I realised that would be dishonouring to the respect and love I have for these special voices that live inside me.

What did sit well with me was the idea that I would share one text at a time. And then, why not do it once a week, I thought? So if you're a weekly visitor, and you connect with me over this, then make your weekly visit a Tuesday one.

Today I thought I'd start with the title of George Sweet's memoir. George is a darling, much loved therapist working in Christchurch, who has been a vital voice in the Christchurch community since the 70s. In recent years he moved away from practising for income, but was known to be available for a session for the price of a coffee. "Don't Save Some Love for Tomorrow...." is his memoir's title, and I often hear it, and see his twinkly, cheeky, challenging eyes when I'm needing encouragement to just go a bit further, and to dig a bit deeper. Being extravagant with the capacity I have for giving and loving is an energising concept for me. When I hear the title in my inner ear, I'm reminded that we all carry an infinite capacity for loving and giving, and that wonderful magic happens inside us when we give. Amazingly, the act of giving and of emptying ourselves is the very same act that causes us to be refilled. And so we can never empty ourselves of love.

No point in keeping the love for tomorrow. "Don't Save Some Love for Tomorrow...." Use it all up today!

Do you find the concept speaks to your heart? Do you have texts that live in your heart? I'd love to know what yours are.

Come back next week and let's talk texts again!

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PS I'd like to reference George's book, but I recall it was a short print run from a private publisher. George includes his email in the frontispiece, so I'll include that as my source:

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