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Monday, August 15, 2011

Heart's Desire

Four will soon be Five.

Birthdays and birthday preparations assume larger and larger significance in the girls' minds and priorities as they grow older. Planning for the next birthday starts as soon as the final party guest pulls the outside gate shut behind them. Guest lists come to have great coercive power in the dialogue of even the little Kinder babes. Themes are the biggest discussion point, followed by cake design, and then of course who will come. It's all intensely fascinating and totally compelling.

And somewhat recently gifts have entered into the girls' discussions.

I'm totally delighted that the girls are really quite separate from consumerism. I've seldom, if ever, known them to ask for a gift, or to expect one when precious grandparents visit or are visited. Pocket money is such an unstructured event that it seldom happens, and when money accumulates, the girls never especially have any ideas about desiring anything to spend it on.

So today when Nine did remind me today to cough up some long overdue pocket money I was a little bewildered. I couldn't help but concede it really was well overdue, and I secretly counted my blessings that her maths didn't seems to be as accurate as it might have been. The coins passed from one hand to the other, and when she rolled the loot round in her hand, she did seem to be cooking up a bit of a scheme. The air was a bit thick with thought for a moment or two, then she mused that she might like to spend it on something for Four's birthday. Mother purring moment. What a sweet delicious heart!

In the interests of research, to ensure it would be spent wisely, she turned and asked Four, "What would you like for your birthday? Anything. What would you like?"

Four hesitated about long enough to deeply inhale a fragrant bloom, and answered with great assurance, "Flowers."

Oh, lots more Mother Purring!

Then she did hesitate for a microsecond. "Chlaleemias," she specified.

Oh, oh, oh! Too lovely!

PS You may already know of Four's history with Chaleemias. They simply delight and fascinate her. Walking out and around, she is guaranteed to notice them. Guaranteed to retrieve fallen ones for me to cherish and display in a specially chosen vase. Guaranteed to simply admire and appreciate them. I'm not sure how or when it happened, but they've captured her heart more than any other bloom. If you don't know more of her love affair with them, I wrote about them both a few weeks ago when she drew chaleemias into her expressive world for lovely effect.

Does Mother nature especially speak to your heart? To one of your children's? Do you remember when the love affair started?

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  1. Are you familiar with the children's book "A Birthday for Francis" because this reminds me a little of that.

    As for love affairs with nature, my daughter is smitten, always bringing back a shell or beautiful rock from our walks, and brushing her hands against the tomato plants to smell its perfume. I love this in her.

  2. Rachel: I don't know that one, but I'll keep an eye out for it. I so love children's books that capture moments of our own babes' lives. Very precious.

    How beautiful that one of yours has this love too. Our other two have the more usual interest and delight in small things. I think seeing the difference between Four and our others heightens my awareness that this is something that is 'her' and a bit more than being a joy-filled child. A Four year old who goes into raptures over a Florist's display is just delicious!

    After reading about your nature lover and tomato plants, I'm full of fresh, sun-warmed tomato fragrance. Perfect!

  3. Lorraine, that is beautiful. I love that your girl loves flowers and asks for them for her birthday. Nature is a powerful thing - it's amazing how they are drawn to it. Delightful!

  4. Deborah: I have to let you know of today's lovely moment. We were driving, and Four in the back seat just let out a huge, soulful sigh. "Chlaleemias," she sighed. "Everyone has Chlaleemias."

    Oh boy! They are deeply in her heart!



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