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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breastfeeding Week

  August 1-7, 2011 is World Breastfeeding Week.

Since I'm not in that club these days, these dates would have passed me by. Step up Deborah, over at Wild Hope, whose posting brought these dates into my awareness. Her too beautiful posting, with simply delicious photos, has filled my heart with warm memories of lovely times shared with our three. 

However, I also remember feeling I was quite alone in the world as I passed certain landmark times, and nevertheless felt I wanted to carry on. And carry on. And carry on. Until just under 2 years for Nine, just over 2 years for Seven and until around 3 years for Four. I recall I grasped tight to stories from the very few longer term feeders that I knew. Actually, maybe only one that I knew. She would never know, but I clung to her experience tightly as I stepped beyond the experiences of anyone I really knew. She comforted me in quiet, lonely times when I wasn't that sure if what I was doing was really Ok. I knew of women who had fed school age children, and I felt quite separate from their approach. Yet feeding seemed so easy, and so right....most of the time. So I carried on.

As I grew in mothering confidence, I grew not to mind that I was the only one I knew. Following my instincts grew to be more important to me than conforming to what mostly everyone else I knew was doing. Breastfeeding came to form a beautiful component of a model of attachment parenting we adopted. However, I think it would have supported me to know other like-minded Mums existed.

So, in writing this tonight, I'm really writing it for the you out there who might be a little like me. The you who wonders if anyone else out there is really still feeding. The you who is too tired to look for support. And too busy to have the time to even think about looking.

To your question, "Is anyone else doing what I'm doing?", I want to call out loudly and enthusiastically to you, "YES!"

There are others out there.

Probably plenty of us.

And it's lovely.

And now, at the end of another weekend full of loads of cat fights and bickering sibling rivalry, thanks to Deborah's lovely posting and reminder of precious times, I will now be able to head for bed full of thoughts about intimate times of quiet connection.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Lorraine! You're absolutely right, it can be lonely out there in the land of long term breastfeeding.. I've been lucky to have found some like-minded mothers in my community - which helps to not feel like the only one.

    And so lovely to read your stories - how you carried on. What a beautiful lasting foundation of connection (and health!) you have created for your children.

  2. I'm so glad you've found community. I found community much later on in my feeding career, but in the early days my community was through literature. I loved William Sears I think he and his wife had 8? children and they bed-shared with them all. I found him very inspiring.

    It is a lovely foundation to lay. And now they are crazy, it comforts me to look back and feel that at least we got that beginnning part fairly right!!


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