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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Write on Wednesday

Write the Music:A bit of choice this week: Pick your favorite song and write down the first line of lyrics OR turn on the radio and write down the first line of lyrics you hear. Then set your timer for 5 minutes and write the first words that come into your head after your writing prompt.  Stop when the buzzer rings! Do this exercise over and over if you wish. 

Extra Credit: After you do the exercise, try it again but this time play the song while you write. Could be an interesting way to get the creativity going... 

Gregorian chants were my music muse for this starter. They featured in an earlier blog of mine,  where I explain the source of my interest. As I listened today for this exercise, I was reminded of Husband and Nine, neither of whom can abide my dear monks. Then being on the writing end of a writing group took me back to days when, as the one up the front dishing out the starters, I was the one George Bernard Shaw wrote about when he said, “(S)he who can, does. (S)he who cannot, teaches.” I found myself sitting in my own classroom:

Groooooan, moan, droaaaaane. Droaaaaane, moan, grooooooan.
On and onnnnnnnnn.


Who is she kidding? Any more of this, and I’ll be obliged to perform acts of violence and torture on those around me. I reckon I’d have a good case at trial. Apparently the nightmare wind in Sweden is a permissible excuse for aggression. Gregorian chants must be an addendum to that excuse. I can see it now in that small print.

Mmmmm acts of violence. Especially towards her. Look at her. Up there, in the safety of her arena, while we drones down here must drum away to her beat. Releasing for our inner voices. Could she really handle it if I truly released my inner voice? I wonder how she’d go with a big bucket of water cleaning up all the gore? Writing as therapy. Therapy for her as she reads her way through our hard earned outpourings while still she sits up there. No wonder she looks so smug. Set the task, then swan round the class feeling important, and fluff round at her desk. The music drones on, and we are the drones.

“Wonderful work, everyone! Time to start bringing it all to an end”.

Mmmmm to an end. 

Please do comment everyone! I'm loving hearing from you all, and I love visiting you all.


  1. I really like the voice in this piece, and I want to read more.

  2. She really doesn't like her teacher, does she? I enjoyed reading this piece.

  3. This is great - and reminds me of my reaction when a teacher tried to get me to meditate once!

    Also wanted to say thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Your take on parenting made a lot of sense and really helped. :)

  4. How clever, to write from the prompt of a Gregorian chant. Would never have thought of that one. I really enjoyed it.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  5. I think this is a really interesting music choice too. And you really had a story developing. I like that image of the teacher fluffing up her feathers, all proud and showy. Lovely to see you playing along with W.o.W for another week


  6. How wonderful! Writing from a chant is interesting, I guess it really let's your imagination fly as you don't have known lyrics to influence you. I really enjoyed this and I hope to hear more from this chant hating student in the future! ;)

  7. Love it! I'm sure I've actually felt this way in one or two (or twenty) writing tutorials. I read this with a smile on my face!

  8. Thanks for your refreshing post. We all get caught up in the "popular" music and it's nice to hear about something not mainstream.

  9. Hi @ everyone! Thanks for all your comments. I'm loving how this online forum is capturing so many elements of being in a face-to-face, up-close-and-personal writing group. Through our comments, and responses, and of course our writing, and our comfort and discomfort in sharing particular pieces, we slowly and gradually reveal more of ourselves to each other. I'm happy to be journeying with you other travellers!

  10. @ Jennifer: I think you're right. She/me doesn't like the teacher/me. Thinking back on how I kept myself safe through 'necessary' things I did, I feel sad at the many fabulous opportunities I bypassed. I did write with my classes, but I never really did find a way of letting myself go. I think I was quite unsure of what voices I would find if I went in deeper. I'm happy to be giving it more of a go now.

  11. Love the inspiration and the way you used it. I don't mind Gregorian chants, but I've always found the kind of nature sound CDs they often play when you have a massage drive me absolutely nuts and definitely tempt me towards acts of violence. To each their own, I guess. :-)

    I liked the student's voice in this and that you shared something of yourself.


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