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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wall of Wonder

I referred to this the other day, and I thought I’d let you know a bit more about The Display Wall. In this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words:

Over time, as we entered more and more fully into the preschool world of high frequency art production, the fridge seemed to shrink smaller and smaller. We flowed out onto mantelpieces, but found them to be rather hopeless display venues since paintings just crumple and flop. Framing and truly mounting the wonders seemed the most honouring, but I didn’t really want the entire house to be overrun with children’s art. And I’m just not that organized.

Then one day, in despair, I used masking tape to mount a wonder on the wall. And then another wonder needed special attention, then another. Seeing the children’s colourful creations displayed so visibly was a tonic for my spirits, and it did become sooo much easier to know what to do with each new wonder as it came home. At first it was one cupboard door, but now it’s three door spaces, which seems just right for our three artists. And being right alongside our breakfast bar also seems just right since the girls look and discuss wonders as they eat their meals. Now I can feel each treasure is truly savoured for its full serving of delight, and my anxiety about how to manage the volume of important treasures in a respectful way is addressed.

Thus The Display Wall was birthed. Well, until today I’ve always unimaginatively referred to it as The Display Wall. However, Nine has come up with something much more fitting. As she saw me shooting off this snap, and wondered why, she said, “Oh, you mean The Wall of Wonder.”



  1. I think your Display Wall is outstanding. I mean, The Wall of Wonder is outstanding. Loving the creativity of Nine! Thank you for stopping by Ink Paper Pen and for joining up with Write On Wednesdays (very pleased to see the W.o.W button over in your sidebar already. You ARE quick).

    Looking forward to reading more or your writing. Our little group is a great motivator. For me, anyway!

    Gill xo

  2. It is a wonderful wall! I am dreadful at displaying all the artworks that enter my house - with four little people you can imagine can't you? I am working on a few things and will post on them once they are done! Thanks for visiting my blog (so I could come and visit you too!). I really did only use 5 minutes to write my WoW but I have to admit that I wrote it with paper and pen and typed it later (no editing though!) x

  3. @ Gill and Multiple Mum: Glad you guys liked the Wall of Wonder. I think like most parenting aspects it's about trying to find something that fits our values and comfort. I'm never quick to work out what's me amongst the array of options that exist. I'm looking forward to seeing what you cook up for your tribe, MultipleMum.


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