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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unlist me!

Here's something that no-one who knows the moving, living me will be surprised by.

I don't do lists.

Nope. Not ever.

Here's another thing. I love you listers. I'm married to one. My besties are predominately listers. I'm balanced by you, I admire you. I try from time to time to emulate you.

However. I'm just not you.

The envy I have for you is the kudos that listing attracts. Those numbers lined up in order. That promise of productivity, and action, and order. I love it. I do envy it.

But only in others. Drawing near to a real list fills me with discomfort. My tummy draws up tight, and my breathing becomes shallow and nervy. A tight band starts to form across my temples.

Here's another thing. Where listers have lists and the promise of order, I have piles. I've already brought that one out in the open. Yup! I have piles. And over time, and lots of deep scrutiny, I've grown to be Ok with it. I have piles! There! I'm Ok with it, because the piles mostly help me. Little jobs sit around the place, and when energy and location and planets align, then a job gets done.

Lists for some. Piles for me.

I'm not too troubled by it. Mostly everything gets done around here. Sometimes well, sometimes not. I'm probably the only person I know who finishes Christmas shopping each year in April. Ok. I was a bit late this year. It was May. I don't usually broadcast that, cos, well, being in a tangle at Christmas time is kinda culturally normal. Just for today, however, I will share it.

I find I am, generally, more energised when I'm in a fluff and a bit of a dither. Things get done. Christmas even gets done. Super Early.

So, unlist me!


  1. A unlist post! Honestly, I do piles too, I am pilesofwashing.blogspot afterall! I write lists but I rarely refer to them again. Thanks for Rewinding x

  2. The mere thought of life without lists throws my brain into a spin! I make lists about what lists I have to make lol :)

  3. i have lists but i refuse to number them (subconsciously) .. they're bullet-pointed. thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your comment oh i am envious that you saw hone tuwhare perform his poetry, what a treat. denis welch wrote something in the listener after he died when he mentioned the same thing - voice like velvet.. love your e. e. cummings quote too. hope you don't mind a new follower! x

  4. I have both! Lists & lists & lists for everything.... & piles. Of stuff. Everywhere. maybe one day one side of me will win. Visiting via The Rewind x

  5. Thanks for Rewinding! I love seeing the huge variety of postings that MultipleMums prompting draws out of us all. Georgi and Charis: Lovely to meet some new folk!

  6. The first thing on my list is to make a list. I never get around to it.

    Cranky Old Man - rewind

  7. Oh I try to list, but mostly fail. Especially at work. I list and the list grows and only very rarely will the list get shorter because new items keep being added. And that's just demoralising. So no more lists!

    I could try piling people up...

  8. Love it! And now I must admit that I do both lists and piles, which makes me the world's most organised disorganised person.

    Visiting from the Rewind.

  9. Tenille: I'm LOL with a picture of people piled high! it is so how I feel about family life. They all clunk around the place in a big pile, sometimes literally, and they all have needs I try to work out how to attend to. Ha! I'm sure I'll see them in piles in my mind's eye now!

  10. @ Allison: An organised disorganised person. Beautiful! that's a more rounded way to look at it all.I think we bewilder the world with that combination of traits. Let's keep them all guessing!


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