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Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Answer!

I can tell you're bewildered.

We know each other well enough by now. You can't hide it from me.

You're thinking, "What on earth?"

Let me help you out. Extension cord. Long extension cord.

Let me help you out even further by saying, this represents a housework revolution for me. After twenty something years of being in charge of my own vacuum cleaning, the addition of an extra long cord has transformed my vaccing.

Before I elaborate, I probably need to remind you that I'm slow to notice the world around me. Slow to arrive at solutions to anything concrete and physical. And long-suffering of hardship, usually through lack of awareness that there are other ways to do things.

For all those years then, I've been a plug in, plug out type of girl. That was the length of the cord the thing came with. That was meant to do the job. Two vauum cleaners had mostly long enough cords that never caused me to feel tooooo troubled. Enter Vac Number Three. Seriously short cord. Bless you, you have to be male, designers. Enter lots more plug out and ins than I had ever been accustomed to. Still, in my way of being longsuffering to a fault, I accommodated it.

Till one day, the one day in maybe six months, when the car vaccing was the task of the day, I got out the extension cord, and did the job.

Then, I stood and looked.

And somewhere, a little voice of inspired reason, whispered, "Leave it on! Go on!"

Daredevil, wild spirit that I am, I took up the dropped gauntlet, and left the cord on.


Instantly transformed vaccing style.

Truly, our car is now vacced twice a week. My front door and outside patio is vacced twice a week. The outside area under our carport is even vacced twice a week. OK. You noticed. I'm a twice a week girl.

But hey! In percentage terms, if I had a life where mathematics counts, then it would be a fabulous stat of tranformation! No longer 6 monthly, but twice weekly. (One of you, love you so much, married to one and need you so much, figures people can help me out!).

There you are then!

You never knew that a revolutionary change in your houseworking style could be so easy. Be a long cord on girl like me, and your vac will GO EVERYWHERE you want it to go ALL THE TIME.

Think of me with a smile on your face when you zip round your place, and I'll be happy.

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