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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Review

Eat at dixiebelle's ran her own rewind yesterday. She was inspired by one run by Hazel, whom she follows. In the spirit of passing on a baton, I thought I'd run with the Seven baton, and review my blogs to come up with my grouping of Seven. So, I opened up my box of treasures and found I wanted to lavish love on these Seven, just as Klimt's too gorgeous lover is lavishing his love on his delight: 

Ta dah! Here are my Seven:
A Beautiful Post
That's too easy. The one that has involved our family most is to me the most beautiful. That would be the one that featured Seven's PowerPoint creation. She dreamed the task up herself and, with Nine as scribe, Seven directed the entire creative process. Once the girls signed off on it, and Four gave it her QA check, I stepped in to post it. Rather quickly I needed to step aside, and defer to Husband. Mounting his white charger, he came to the IT needs of his distressed damsels since PowerPoint and Blogger couldn't be easy friends. IT magic was sprinkled around, and et voila! The posting was posted. A posting involving all of us. Too lovely! And so, too easily, the posting which I think is the most beautiful.

A Popular Post  
This is also a bit easy since I have access to the stats for the blog. The posting that has scored most hits is, funnily enough, also one that features Seven. When the June Earthquake rocked Christchurch, and brought more grief and distress to us all, she sat down and wrote a heart-warming letter. It was to me, but was really for the people of Christchurch. It's the posting called Worry, Concern and Compassion.
A Useful Post
Useful isn't a top priority for me, though I can well do with locating my feet on terra firma more often. Elizabeth Gilbert, in  Eat, Pray, Love, spoke to me about myself when she wrote of her father that he, "only has one foot on this earth. And really, really long legs . . ."  My legs are regularly tooooo long for those around me, and even for me, so grounding myself would, ironically, be a useful thing. Anyway, for an un-useful person, I startled myself with this useful-to-me discovery. Not many of you found it, and that maybe because it's a discovery that's not useful to you. However, I am still thrilling at how transformed my life has been by this, so here it is. I'm going to say that, for now, my most useful contribution to the world of human knowledge is my discovery about Eucalyptus Oil. 

A Controversial Post
One that I felt was a hot potato was my posting about Fluoride. I was quite timid and tentative putting it up. Politics and me are quite distant from each other. I'm more about drawing people close rather than taking a strong position that might distance me from anyone. However, I'm also highly motivated to share something that might support someone else, so I was in conflict for a while. I solved it by being a bit flippant about the posting. I'm still testing a detox remedy out on myself, but feeling a million dollars for the first time in memory is hard to argue with. It's also hard for me to argue with looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a face that's not pale, and tinged with green. Anyway, I'll get back to you on my hot potato sometime later.

A Post that Didn't get the Attention it Deserved  
I really enjoyed thinking about the heroic in this piece. I wrote it in response to Djokovic's fabulous win at Wimbledon back at the start of July. Victories against the odds turn me all spongy and teary, and the more I read about his origins, the more I needed to write. And in doing so, I thought of us and our lives, which are often just as heroic.

A Post that I'm Proud of 
Writing the posting introducing you all to my mascot was one I did feel a glow of pride about. I was finding my blogging feet, as I still am, and was experimenting a bit with style and voice. The content itself was also lovely for me to work with, since the little fellow tells a story with its life that I am inspired by.

A Post I Enjoyed Writ
No doubt about it. Baked Beans. Baked Beans everytime. There was nothing especially noteworthy about anything that was me in that post, but Mother Goose do so rock big time! You so have to visit that posting and click on the Mother Goose link to have a whimsical little boogie. Tell me if Baked beans can ever be the same for you again!

There endeth my treasure hunt. Though blogging has been a journey of only a couple of months' duration so far, I'm surprised by how much I've forgotten. And by how much I've enjoyed sifting. I'm thinking I might aim to sift my own postings every few months. So, watch for another Seven sometime forward from now. And thanks Eat at Dixiebelle's and Hazel for the inspiration.

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