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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creating creativity

Ta Dah!

The Art Table.

Though this looks a muddle to beat all muddles, I'm sharing it with you because I'm proud of it. Proud that we have made a place for it, and proud that it acts as a magnet for our girls who each regularly gravitate towards it.

The older girls each have desks in their rooms, for their own special pens and creations, but all is communal here. All except paints can be found here, since I've learned to keep paints in an area, still easy to get to, but which require a more deliberate project with more deliberate preparation such as smocks and a foundation of newspaper.

Observing the girls and the impact the area has on their creativity has highlighted for me a couple of key aspects of the creative process. A dedicated spot for creative endeavours works wonders as a stimulus for imaginative projects. Though the area is well-used in any state, it is most used and best used when it is as clear and tidy as it can be. This does create a quandry for me, since my tidying can't truly keep up with their productivity. Oh well.

This isn't yet the end of an already too long day. Lunches to be made, and beds still to make before bed is even possible. So, must end this now. More another time!

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