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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cleaning Epiphany

I didn’t think I’d be a houswewifey blogger. But hey! I am here in the house, so it is a big part of my focus.

And I do get excited about things.

And I am currently excited about this.

So, that’s the required ingredients for me to make a blog posting!

Oh boy. Eucalyptus oil.

In how many ways can I say I LOVE IT! I have used it for years for removing sticky yuggy things, like labels that stay where I don’t want them to be. But now it’s revolutionised my bathroom cleaning.

Confession. Cleaning is not a natural strength of mine. Some of you out there have it. I don’t. My folks have it. When they move through the world, it obeys them. The world takes notice and stays put. When I move through the world on a cleaning spree, I duck from here to there like a distracted chicken, and even when I try my hardest to focus, my best efforts leave lint and fluff. Sigh. And then I wonder why I bothered.

But bathrooms. Well. That’s an area that demands attention. And some degree of effectiveness. All those gross things that can happen in family bathrooms. So determined effort is required.

And though I’ve detested it, I’ve brought out the big guns. The Powerful Dissolve Ughs By Simply Taking The Cap Off And Thereby Exterminate All Unwanted Growths Within Breathing Space. I’ve sloshed it round with the best of them. Under the rims, up the walls, in those hard to get at places. And I guess I’ve had clean bathrooms.

(Visitors may tell another story!)

But at a huge cost! I have always dreaded Cleaning Day, rigged up for it with gloves, and taken all my breaths before stepping into the about to be contaminated area. My lungs melt at the thought of taking that cap off, and I am filled with dread at the effect the cleaners on the waterways. But bathrooms need to be cleaned.

Or so I’ve thought.

Until using Eucalyptus Oil.

Now. I tip some onto a clean cloth, and POLISH the shower (after it’s dried and is free from moisture). Did I say almost pleasurable? No gloves, no fear of dissolving lungs or waterways. And did I mention VERY clean? And did I mention NO LINT? And did I mention THE WORLD OBEYS ME?

And it evens cleans the toilets. It took me a bit of cognitive reprogramming on that one. I mean, I really DO want to kill things in there. A really effective cleaner is required in there.

Well. I decided it was worth a try. Two capfuls tipped in. Thorough scrubbing, of course, with the brush. And clean! And stays clean! How can that be?

And easy. And pleasurable. Go figure.

And good for our waterways.


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mothering, counselling, personal growth, domestic violence, counseling, stay at home Mum, writing, reading, books, children, personal development


  1. I've never tried polishing the shower, but I am inspired. It's got to be better than what goes in there at present.

  2. I've got to try this. You make me want to scrub just to see it for myself.

  3. Let me know how it works for you. I always feel just a little uncertain after I've raved about something. I am a raver, and well, ravers can sometimes just be plain raving!


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