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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children and cooking

Sunday teatime.

The children are cooking up a storm with Husband. Pizza made from dough a la the breadmaker. All the ingredients are known to me, the dough-maker, and gotta love the cheap as chips aspect of it. Adding to that, what's not to like about the girls lavishing whatever they want onto their own pizzas, and consuming sooo many nibbles of all the good food that's available for them to spread around. More love being generated within me.

Oh. Then there's the aspect of me being here....and them being there...and (are you getting it?) me not being there. Oh.... I'm loving that!

Even further, there's the warm, slightly fuzzy glow I'm warmed by from Save The Parents' Tattered Souls' cocktail hour. Oh. Very happy about that too.

So! All in all....a top way to end the weekend!

Earlier on in the weekend I rewound the weekend back with all the other good folk who met over at MultipleMum's welcoming blog.

This weekend we all shared about blogging. You'll find me there as Number 22. Incidentally, the posting it takes you to is yesterday's one. I'm loving MultipleMum's bloghop LOTS, but the last couple of weeks my new-to-blogging status has meant that I haven't had the blogs up my sleeve to draw on. So, not so sneakily or surreptitiously to those of you who are following me, I've been writing the posting to share on Saturday and then sharing that recently written posting with the Bloghoppers. Et voila!

So, back to the now. Still glowing from Save The Parents' Tattered Souls' cocktail hour. Still loving the children making their own tea. And I'm just about to stroll over there nonchalently, nibble on a few goodies, and direct the darling little hands who have rolled my pizza towards the goodies to love me and my pizza with.


How did your weekend go? Did it end well? We find that as long as the weekend ends well, we all head into the new week feeling full of love, happiness and family joy. How about you?


  1. It's so true, that if you can end the day or weekend on a good note, then the next day is off to a great start.

  2. @ Alexandria: (BTW I love the music in your name.) Isn't it amazing how hopeful and forgetful we are, all at the same time! Ending well covers so much.


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