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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blogging: All I know about it

All I know about it right now can be written on the back of this:

Yup! I wouldn't fit much on there!

Let's see.

I like it. I'm enjoying it. I look forward to cooking up a posting. It's giving me pleasure to be writing. There are lots of lovely blogs and bloggers out there, and part of the adventure is tripping across them/you and starting to get a feel for each other.

Do you think that would fit on the back of my stamp?

Tips? Don't have any yet. 

Encouragement? I do have plenty of that. Though I'm one of soooo many newbies to this blogging game, I can say it is a rewarding path to start down. I think visiting lots and lots of blogs is a good part of the beginning process. That's where I'm at now. I'm paying attention to where I feel comfortable, and then wondering what it is about that blog that I find welcoming. I'm thinking that if I enjoy something on a blog, then there's a reasonable chance that others might enjoy my interpretation of that quality or element if I incorporate it in my blog.

PS Do you like my Kiwi stamp of a kiwi? I so love kiwis, and I do connect so well with their earnest, deliberate and steady path through life. No wonder we Kiwis like to be associated with them.

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  1. Ah, you lovely fellow Planetarian! I'm over from the Rewind and this made me giggle. Today is my first blogoversary and I remember feeling exactly what you are feeling now when I started. Fear not - you'll pick it up. Just ask away and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how helpful other bloggers are. Promise! J x

  2. I'm with you on the just wonder around other blogs is a great starting place. That's what I spend most of my time doing, not writing a blog post but reading others.

  3. When I started I had 4 people reading my blog. My husband, mum, dad and er, me. I'm your newest subscriber. I was, and am appalling at maths. So i feel I have much to learn here :)

  4. I do love your Kiwi stamp of a Kiwi! I have been blogging a lot longer than you and I reckon I know about a stamp-worth too! Thanks for Rewinding this Weekend. Lovely to see you again x

  5. Hi there. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not a naturally patient person, so I'm having lots of inner tantys as I wait for momentum to build. However, I guess needing to be patient must be character building!!

    @ Jane: Thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes wish I would ask more. I seem to not be aware of a question till I've fiddled around, found an answer and then I realise I had a question. D'Oh!

    @ Courtney: wandering is tooo addictive. I can't believe I spent sooo much time on FB when blogs are much meatier.

    @ Sarah: I appreciate your "follow" You're wonderful #10!! PS Mine is "without" maths, so we're kindred un-mathers.

  6. hi there newbie!
    Glad you're enjoying your blogging experience thus far. I just celebrated my blogoversary in April. I think blog time counts like dog years. haha
    Visiting from the Weekend Rewind. Hope you'll consider checking out my entry: Blog Tips You Won't Find on 1,468,799 Other Sites. I think it might be helpful to you. :)

  7. I think we're all pretty much making it up as we go along. That's what makes it all so fun!

    Visiting from the Rewind.

  8. I'm also a fellow newbie. And have no tips or advice that are remotely helpful. I hadn't even heard of a widget 21/2months ago! But like you, I'm enjoying the experience.

  9. I'm back again, LWM ☺. And now following you as well. On my blog, I have a tab up the top called 'Blogging tips' which you might find handy. J x

  10. @ Saucy B: thanks for the tips about other communities. I have tried the BlogFrog, but I mustn't be saying "Open Sesame" quite right. I'll have another go.

    @ Allison: making it up is kinda fun, and bewildering all at the same time!

    @jennifersmart: Your blog has the feel of a seasoned blogger about it. No way that you feel like a newbie! Well done, and glad you're enjoying it too.

    @Jane: Lovely to be mutual followers! And thanks for pointing me towards your tips. I like the signature, and I'll tinker around with that sometime. Watch this space!

  11. I can't offer much help as I've been strugglig for years to find a blogging style of my own. But, after reading many of your posts, I think you know plenty about blogging and I will visit here often for inspiration!

    Love the Kiwi:--)

  12. @ countingdandelions: I appreciate your support a great deal. I've been visiting your blog for a while and lurking round the edges, a bit invisibly. A bit more visibly now my commenting muscle is strengthening a bit. Since I feel inspired by you, you are probably finding bits of yourself here!

  13. Once again your blog here has been of benefit to me: I checked out a couple of the other bloggers who commented above, & one especially gave me a little light-bulb moment :D Thanks to your friend Nobashake :D


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