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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worry, concern and compassion

Too, too much for dear Christchurch. Yesterday, after around 7500 aftershocks since September 2010, they were blasted by another two, very large ones. And as if that wasn’t enough, on top of no power through the night, and no water for many, the night was peppered with another 29 disruptive shakes.

Yesterday as I read the details of the two big ones, I was clearly moved and upset. Our Seven, with her huge capacity for warmth and compassion, wrote me a special note. I thought, with her permission, that I would post it since I think it’s really for Christchurch:
Dear Mum,
I hope you are not too worried about the earthquake and all in NZ. I am a little bit worried.

In tandem with the quakes and their aftershocks are waves of worry, concern and compassion that are rippling out around the globe.  Christchurch and all her lovely residents, you are so deeply in the thoughts and hearts of many old and young, near and far. 

Kia kaha.

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