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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Part Two

Our outing to the playground yesterday was not entirely without incident.
(Quambee Reserve is scoring big points with the girls for the time being. They love the slide and go up, down and round about it. Once they’ve exhausted that spot, we team up our trip with a hit on McAlpin Reserve. It also scores well for the girls because it has many varieties of monkey bars. Monkey bars are are so totally ‘in’.)

The slide provoked a bit of territorial angst. Nine and Seven had fully commandeered it to the annoyance of newly arrived Mr, I’m Guessing At About, 8. I was drawn into their space when a bit of a tiff broke out. Mr, I’m Guessing At About, 8 had been blowing raspberries at our two. After that got a big no response at all, he upped his ante by climbing up the tunnel slide as they were careering down. This wasn’t a great moment for him, as you might expect. Words did start to fly, and he was bravely trying to cover some wounded flesh, as well as some wounded pride. His moves to break in to their space just weren’t working. Our Seven, the more pugnacious of our two, was quick to leap into putting him right about all he’d done wrong. Poor fella! I moved in, to assist him, and overheard this:
SEVEN: (with hands firmly on hips) Well I’m Seven and a Half and she’s Nine!
MR, I’M GUESSING AT ABOUT, 8: Mumble mumble (so I still couldn’t verify just how old he was. Darn!)
SEVEN: And my Dad’s 49!
MR, I’M GUESSING AT ABOUT, 8: Mumble Mumble (Darn again!) And my Grandad fought in the War!
SEVEN: Well so did my Grandad fight in the war!
And at that point I truly did intervene and moved my two war mongerers on to another highlight in the park.

I am still chuckling about what holds oompf in a playground tiff. Age, and then male fighting power. Dig deeper and deeper, and pull out more and more impressive proofs of male strength as necessary. Clearly the female world just really doesn’t hold much sway in playground tiffs. It’s all about testosterone. 

(PS Although it's Monday it's a public holiday over here today: Queen's Birthday. Hence Weekend Part Two.)

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