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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Part One

Weekend. What used to be an oasis of delight and quiet has, over time, become a time of torment and distress. The girls seem to need to re-establish a pecking order every Saturday morning. Pain pain pain, upset upset upset, and then if we ride it through, at some blissful moment, we arrive into calm.

Hope seemed to spring eternal, so it did take us months and months and months to finally realise that misery and upset had become a regular part of the weekend. Waiting for them to slowly find their own place in our small world was too dreadful. Finally Hope stopped springing.
Sigh. And then as Hope departed, the energy for a new regime arrived.

No more slack, casual ideas that the weekend will flow gently and easily. No way. We now have The Weekend Routine. The girls love getting their own brekkies…so non-nutritional cereals are the go. However, in line with negative nutritional element of the cereal is a short reserve of energy. Mid- mornings definitely require substantial morning tea. Then the regime truly begins. Out the door, off we go to playgrounds that allow vigorous exertion. Our lovelies need to run and scream like banshies. Home for lunch, then out for a library trip in the afternoon. Back and then all hands in the kitchen for either homemade pizza or burgers. That’s it. Not variation. No spontaneity. The same every time.

Routine. It’s just not me.

But it is bringing some harmony.


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