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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Tonic.

Even whispering, “The Tonic” meaningfully near Husband will stir a dramatic grimace. It is most definitely not a favoured thing of his. Oddly I don’t mind it too much. However, its effect is definitely why I am motivated to consume it, not its taste. The Nasties exit so quickly once The Tonic enters in.

Yesterday as Four wanly snuffled, I started to notice the beginnings of The Nasties in me. You know: the heavy head, the lethargy, the odd sneeze here and there. That’s it for me. After those signs, I brew myself The Tonic.

Chasing away The Nasties is my goal.

And today, The Nasties are gone.

Maybe it was The Tonic this time, maybe not. However, over time I’ve become fairly sure that The Tonic supports my constitution to boot out The Nasties pretty effectively. So, on that basis, here my ‘recipe’ for The Tonic:
As much garlic as you can tolerate. I use 3-4 cloves.
A sizeable amount of good honey. I may use about ¼ cup.
As much ginger as you can tolerate. I use 2t of powered ginger.
Lots of lemon juice. Maybe ¼ cup.
Cover with boiling water and consume it all.

May The Tonic bring you some relief from The Nasties.

Do you have some simple, but always effective, remedies? I'd love to try some out!

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