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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tiddly Pom

Little Four is all Christopher Robin today with the "wheezles and sneezles". So, we cancelled our weekly trip into Seven’s classroom to help with Literacy, and had an ‘at home and cosy’ day. Her chest is lathered with the best chest rub in the world, and lots of restorative water is being slowly sipped.

Nursing her “wheezles and sneezles” reminds me of the pleasure we're all having from A.A. Milne at the moment. Four has decided that “Now We Are Six” is her ‘chapter book’. With both older sisters devouring chapter books, Four isn't one to miss out. What a treasure trove of simple delight and innocence A.A.Milne provides. I especially love James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree. I know that's not the title, but I do love saying that lovely string of names!  Four is my lovely James and does take good care of me when we’re out and about ‘though she is only Four’. Seven has caught Four’s enthusiasm for Mr Milne, and picked it up as a fledgling reader. I guided her to “Waiting at the Window”, where James and John career down the window, and her face shone with delight as she found she could read the whole text.

Right now, on a rather Antarctic Melbourne Winter’s day, I’m thinking of Pooh a lot. I find myself singing,
The more it goes, tiddly pom
The more it goes, tiddly pom
On snowing.
And nobody knows, tiddly pom
How cold my toes, tiddly pom
How cold my toes, tiddly pom
Are growing.

I’m sure you must have a favourite A A Milne poem, or a character. I wonder what it is? Or are you joining me with a rousing version of Tiddly Pom?

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