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Monday, June 20, 2011


Whenever I am fluttering into a flippety flyaway mood where I can’t seem to find the ground beneath my feet, I try to mood-medicate with some Gregorian Chants. That’s where I’m at right now, and so I’ve brought peace and groundedness to my being with some lovely, meditative monks droning in the background.

What is now an ancient Sit Com, Butterflies , was my first introduction to Gregorian Chants. As I watched with the innocence and bewilderment of youth, the tragic, black humour at the expense of Ria’s at-home predicament completely passed me by. I was entranced by her flights of whimsy, and her culinary disasters seemed wonderful rather than distressing. The austerity of her husband, Ben, left no impression on me. However I was totally entranced by the Gregorian Chants he would retreat into as a way of escaping the craziness of his two unleashed teenage sons, Russell and Adam.

Curiously, I have absorbed two takeaways from the series. Gregorian Chants, as I’ve already shared. However, the other takeaway, or probably always in me though not activated till hellish family mealtimes arrived for me, is that I am inclined to singe, burn and destruct meals as effectively as Ria. Hilariously, or tragically, our girls are the urban equivalent of the Eskimo. Eskimo have reputedly 40-something words for snow. My three must have as many synonyms for burned.

“Oh dear,” I’ll sigh. “I’m sorry. This seems to be burned.”
“No,” reassures Nine, as she has a careful close look. ”Just charred.”

Or, on other days, singed, crisped, or browned.

Oh well. Dinner time has expanded their vocabulary.

And totally and completely truly, do you know that as I was engrossed with searching for some clips to attach to this, my neglect filled the kitchen with smoke (naughtily, no alarms in our kitchen since they are activated too often) and transformed Four’s cheese toasties into hardened, over-browned rusks!

And do you know what else?

She hardly even noticed!

(Here's a little taste of Ria, whimsy and chants for you.)

Do you mood-medicate?


  1. Oh, you make me laugh Lorraine! I had forgotten that show, but as I read your post, I could see favourite scenes from it, Wendy Craig was such a clever actress in that role! Funny stuff! Strange though, that I never thought of you as a 'burning' cook. I guess I always think of you a careful person! I too, tend to 'overcook' when I put it in the oven & pass the time away from the kitchen & let time pass me by! :D

  2. I'm sure I always was a 'burning cook': I just had more time to repair! I'm a great one for leaving it all to the last possible minute, and then expecting that the hottest possible element in the shortest possible time and with the least possible attention will deliver dinner as I want it. I still don't truly get why that approach shouldn't work! ;P


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