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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pleasure, and no pain

Friends for tea. Mmm. Well, of course, friends coming over for tea. Now, here’s further revelation about me. I’m not a great fan of fussing in the kitchen.
I want to enjoy friends coming over, so getting in the tizz I would if I were to ‘get fancy’ would, for me, cancel out the pleasure factor.

Once BBQ season finished, it took me a while to come to a menu option that could meet my requirement for Free and Easy Hostessing. Until I tripped on the idea of sharing our Exotic Winter Friday night meal with visitors. Pies and mulled wine. Here’s the recipe for Mulled Wine that I use. I’ve found I use just a bit less sugar, and I love it with oranges, but not the lemon.
And that’s that. My menu for Winter Visitors. You will know you’re a favoured, special friend at our pad if you are invited for Mulled Wine and Pies.

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