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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Funny chuckles

Opening my pantry today stirred a loud chuckle from me, and gave me today’s blog. It’s not a long posting. 

One word. 


I have always been a funny wee person for getting fixated about something. 

Olives. When I was ‘on’ olives I had a 3.4KG container in my fridge. Buying soooo many 340g jars seemed so time consuming, so I thought I’d go for the big-un. Do you know just how long it takes one person to eat through 3.4kg of olives, even when that one person does think they eat a lot everyday? A long time, is the answer to that!

Pineapple. Actually, I’m still ‘on’ that, so you can see it in the pantry there too. I’m having a can a day to help with inflammation issues. I think it may be working? But anyway, I’m still on the Pineapple. I do seem to like it enough to keep at it!

Turmeric. No photo of that, but I’ve got a 1kg bag in the other pantry. How many of you buy turmeric in a 1kg bag? ;P I’m still on that too, also for inflammation, and I’ve also read it’s good for anti-Alzheimer’s. I have it each evening. I’m truly not sure why I’m still on that. Stirring it into my glass of pysillium hulls each evening makes for a rather punishing brew!

And that brings me round to anchovies. I just can’t get enough of them! They are my regular lunch meal. Whenever I go supermarket shopping, and shop with my instincts, as I do, I just send my arm out in the direction of the anchovies, come back with a handful, put them in the trolley, and only truly think about them when I unpack them.

Each week I realise I’ve brought too many.

The next week, amazingly, I do it again.

And then for another whole week, I have quite a good chuckle whenever I open the pantry and see soooo many anchovy tins piled high.

 Do you overdose on new health fixes? Let me know what you're 'on', and I can join you!

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