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Monday, June 27, 2011

Friendship Bread

A bug is doing the rounds.

Sigh. I know you all know it’s winter, so I guess that’s no surprise.

But this bug is a good one!

This is a yeasted starter bug that a friend started up from scratch, and passed on to me. It’s been living on my kitchen bench now for the last month, in various stages of development, and is currently a Generation Four bug for Friendship Bread.
The recipe I’ve been following came from here. To me way of thinking, it makes up loaves, not bread. But 'bread' does sound so much warmer and homier. Let it be 'bread' then!. So far we’ve had cinnamon loaves following the original recipe with the oil (quite good), ginger and cinnamon buttery loaves made with 200g of melted butter, and just a few tablespoons of oil (mmmm getting better!), and most recently double choccy buttery loaves (mmmmm best!).

Seeing the bug sitting there on the bench gives me an anchor hold in the next batch of baking. Having it always in progress towards completion really supports me. There’s not the same need to dig deep to find motivation and truly create the energy and space to do some baking. Along with the yeasting ingredients in the bowl is a good dose of motivation. Already in there. Just like a kindred supportive female presence in the kitchen with me. “Here! Let’s do this together.” Loving that!

Then, having the two giveaway bugs every 10 days is also giving me pleasure. As Day 10 draws near, I have a few thoughts about who I’ll see that day (not always the same people since the 10 day cycle brings a little variation) and who might enjoy it. I can see that the ripples of giving the bug away will begin to spread further and further away as I look for new homes and benches for the bug to happily reside in.

So, as my yeasted mixture is sitting there bubbling away, I am bubbling away too. Bubbling away with some new productivity, and with some new energy for new connections.

Keep an eye out for me in a few batches time. I’ll be the one tapping you on the shoulder and handing you a squishy bubbling bag of warmth and delight.

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