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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Broken Heart

On our home from our walk to school for the morning, the warm sun enticed us to make a slight detour to the local playground. As we drew near to the swing, Four recalled the previous day when she’d had soft toy Mousey with her and had pushed Mousey to and fro.

“I want Mousey,” she said with regret. “Let’s go home and get Mousey and then come back?”

When I gently explained that we probably wouldn’t do that, her shoulders rolled forward and her head drooped low. Very bravely accepting my explanation, but full of grief at a not-to-be-but-hoped for moment, she scuffed through the tan bark.

Then she bent down and picked up a far-from-at-its-best camellia.

“Chlaleemia,” she sighed.

(Background info is needed here. Four delights in blooms and Nature’s small wonders. Snails fascinate, and for a season she had the knack of finding every slater en route to school. Plastic containers with entrapped slaters were a common feature on our deck. But flowers are her greatest delight. She can pass by the sweets at the supermarket, but often really hankers for flowers. Too lovely! And of all flowers, her biggest fav is the camellia.)

“Chlaleemia,” she sighed.

Then very definitely, and deliberately, she crushed it in her hand.

“My heart is broken,” she sighed, as her head drooped even closer to the ground.

And while her heart was wounded for the moment, my heart is buoyed up with wonder at the capacity we all have for love and affection.


  1. oh I love how kids feel and express things so fully and with such immediate passion. Flowers ARE the most lovely treats!

  2. I am so with you about children and their passion. How inspiring are they? I especially love their ability to be totally in the moment. That's it. It's right there and then. That's what matters.


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