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Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is the magical number of anything that is tooo wonderful, tooo big, or tooo important. Miss Four started using this a few months ago now, and while it’s not so frequently in her vocab these days, it’s entered into mine.

Whenever something captures my passion and interest, and my heart starts racing, I hear her sweet voice, and see her brown eyes as wide as wide can be with excitement, and full of life and twinkles. That’s 154!

There are lots of things that delight and warm my heart. The girls giggling with joy as they bounce happily together on the trampoline. A huddle of shoulders bent over the art table as they cook up some special treasure. The sun on my back on a winter’s day when it’s an unexpected gift.

But 154s are even better.

And more rare.

Right now blogging is bringing me my 154s. And more regularly than I’d expect. I’m just loving sifting for ideas, and then crafting and polishing them. The flow of ideas outwardly is making fresh space for more to flow into. Very energizing. And just a little bit addictive. Definitely 154. Every time.

What’s 154 for you?

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  1. I love the idea of a 154. When my now 8 year old was younger the magic number was tremillion. And I still love this. We all still use it to describe those magical huge moments. It's always good to think big!
    Lovely to meet you via the blogworld.
    Amanda x

  2. Amanda: Children can bring such joy! (And other emotions too!)
    I'm loving Blogworld. I've been a lurker in the invisible margins until now, reading but not commenting. I regret that now, because commenting allows for lovely relationships to grow. Thanks for your comment, and lovely to meet up with you too. XXL


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